Vanessa Rossetto is a composer, improviser and painter living in Austin. In 2008 she launched her own CD-R label, Music Appreciation and released the first three solo albums under her own name: Misafridal, Imperial Brick and Whoreson in the Wilderness. She also likes to make time to engage in lively collaborations both internationally (with Pulga, Wondrous Horse and others) as well as locally (with Bright Duplex and brrrweeeta).

James Patrick Robinson is a recent migrant to Austin, TX. When he is not making coffee drinks for the fine patrons of the Domain he can usually be found trying to make films, music, videos projections and comedy with his friends. He also currently interns for B-side entertainment in town. Everything he knows he learned from the College of Santa Fe, which as a result of the economy will be closing its doors permanently at the end of May. 

Christopher Petkus is a musician and sound artist from Austin, TX. He performs in the New Music Co-Op and the experimental duo Donny Who Loved Bowling. He is also preparing a solo album called Orchid Machine and has just taught his friend Tamicka how to play bass.

Brent Fariss is a composer /performer living in Austin, Texas. He has worked alongside Arnold Dreyblatt, Phill Niblock, Mary Oliver, and Pauline Oliveros. Currently, he is completing a trilogy of music theater pieces (der Idiotprinz, The Magic Show, & the forthcoming Larry Lewis) and collaborating with the retro-noise project, Waco Girls. Fariss holds a Master's degree in Composition from Texas State University, where he also studied the contrabass.

Bill Bridges is an artist based in Austin, Texas. Bill has composed and performed original sound-scapes for events including Heiner Mueller's The Hamlet Machine, an original stage adaptation of Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange and site-specific historical reenactments of World War II. He has also participated in improvisational troupes from his home town of Corpus Christi, Texas such as Kuiper Belt, Lagrangian, Givum Chocolate, Laced Buttsteak and The Preserving Machine.